Washing machine with a QR-code

To do your washing in the laundry room, you need a QR code. You can recharge your balance and reserve washing machines and/or dryers online. Here's how you apply for a QR code and activate it, and how to log in and charge it. The cost is € 2.50 for a laundry cycle and € 1.50 for drying.

If you make a down payment of at least € 20.00, the costs are € 2.00 per wash and € 1.00 for drying. Keep in mind that if you have an amount left over on this charge, you cannot reclaim it.

On the Multiposs website, the reservation table indicates whether or not a machine is in use. The reservation table does not show that a reservation has been made.

Activating QR code for doing laundry

Activating QR code
You do not need to apply for a QR code to use the washing machine with a QR-code, because you can register yourself on the website. Please go to  DUWO multiposs.

Register by clicking ‘Sign up’. Enter your e-mail address and click on ‘Send mail’. You will receive a link and then enter the code of your building, your e-mail address (is user name) and a strong password.

More information can be found in the manual.



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