Request for repairs

If something is broken in your house, you can submit a request for repairs. This also applies to repairs that fall under the service agreement.
To whom you should submit your request, depends on the nature of the repairs to be performed and on the city in which you live.

CORONA UPDATE: Conform the situation you will find a number of changes that will be in effect in the coming weeks.

In urgent cases, or where it is clear that damage is going to happen if it is not solved adequately, we will visit to fix the problem. Examples of these repairs are: gas leaks, a defective lock, broken outer windows and a sewer blockage. We only send colleagues by who do not show any symptoms of the virus and we would also like to know whether or not you show any symptoms.

Repairs that are not urgent, such as glass damage inside the house or a leaking shower faucet, must wait until after April 28th 2020.

You can continue to report these cases by email or telephone, but we will wait until the government has given notice that social contact can take place again as normal. Keep in mind that from then on there may still be a delay due to the catching up that has to be done.

We hope you understand the situation and count on your cooperation.

To submit a repair request, you must first click on the city where you live.. From there, we guide you to the company that can help you or you fill in a repair request:


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