Rent increase

We increase the rent once a year. DUWO does that by 1 July of each year. We keep the rent increase as limited as possible, so that your rent remains affordable. 

The government determines how much the basic rent (also called net rent) may be increased. The amount of the advance payments for service costs is adjusted as well. Why we increase the rent during times of COVID-19, you can read here

With Accommodate, the rent is not increased for everyone. This depends, among other things, on the type of room and the agreements made with the educational institution.

To see if you have received a rent increase as of July 1, please see the page rental composition and rent allowance. Make sure you are logged in.

Please check here for an overview of the regulations for each eduacational institution.

Please note: The new rental rates are only shown on the website after 1 May. Hence, if you make a reservation before 1 May effective on 1 July or later, the new rent from 1 July will then apply.



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