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‘The best time of your life’

University is all about acquiring knowledge, learning about life, and gaining the experience of living on your own as a step towards independence. University therefore becomes the ‘best time of your life’. DUWO’s ambition is to make good, affordable accommodation available to every student regardless of their background or nationality. We also realise that the ‘experience’ forms an important part of how a student rates their overall time at university. Reliable provision of services, useful extra facilities, and creating lively communities also determine the experience.  

In cooperation with individual educational institutions and municipalities, we try as much as possible to integrate each individual student into their new environment. Together we do this by applying an innovative approach that focuses on social functionality in our development areas, as well as by looking at how student accommodation can increase the attractiveness of the municipality. Safety and sustainability are important issues for us. Our employees are highly committed to meeting the accommodation needs of all our customers. We therefore provide prompt and efficient service to all students.

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